We  have been providing professional moving services in Sydney's Inner Western suburbs, for many years.  No matter what your moving requirements  we can provide the expertise and know-how to make your next move as easy and stress free as possible. We will always communicate with you in a professianal and friendly manner. We are a personalized company with small numbers of quality people , employed for there people skills as well as there abilities. We carry the tools and trainning required to tackel any moving situation.

   I,m proud to say that my career started back in the 70,s as an apprentice cabinet maker. During this time i was taught the ART of furniture movement,by old school moving professionals.I have carried this tradition to the present day. The crew at APR, have the knowledge and expertise to execute your move in a friendly and professional manner. Ring Steve on 0418408416 for an obligation free estimate on services that will exactly meet your needs.

  PACK MOVE STORE UNPACK we can do it all. Prepack and relocations specialists with over three decades experience moving homes and people throughout Australia..